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Learning More About the Timmons Brothers

The Timmons Brothers (David and John) have segued their knowledge of rock n roll into providing various presentations (“Beatlemania: How the Beatles Changed Pop Culture,” “The British Invasion,” “America’s Response to the British Invasion” and “Protest and Psychedelic Music: A Reflection of the Times” to name a few).  As they continue presenting on various topics in rock history, they have combined their in-depth knowledge of Rock ‘n’ Roll with their enthusiastic fun to develop the “Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show.”

While at a very young age in their hometown in Ohio, the Timmons Brothers were frequent patrons of the local record shop where they bought numerous used singles (once called 45’s) from juke box machines for 20 cents each. While creating a large record collection, they were fortunate to have this same store maintain a vast inventory of all singles of popular artists, which were chronicled by the release date and record label. Along with immeasurable number of hours studying this wealth of information in the store, both brothers devoted nearly the same number of hours to listening to rock n roll through the radio and reading various rock n roll publications (Hit Parader, Creem, Circus, Rock Scene and The Rolling Stone) or anything else they could find to  pursue their passion. During a two and half year stint, they even dabbled themselves first hand in the world of rock n roll when they formed a band they called Razor’s Edge. Although they enjoyed the reality Rock ‘n’ Roll experience, they found being rock historians to be their favorite role.

Clearly, the Timmons Brothers are an extraordinary duo. David also is an appraiser of rock memorabilia and vintage classic rock vinyl albums. He is compiling an incredible wealth of information on Paul Revere and The Raiders in response to no previous released biography of the band.  In November 2015, he was reelected to a second (four year term) for City Council. So, we can add political statesman to his many titles. Apparently, he took the Byrds song “I Want To Grow Up To Be A Politician” to heart. Not only does John’s extensive knowledge of music present itself at their entertaining trivia shows, it also presents itself in the classroom as well. In addition to a variety of other impressive abilities, John is an instructor of Honors Program Special Topic courses. He teaches “The Beatles: A Music and Popular Culture Revolution”, which he is offering the upcoming spring semester 2019 and “The 1960s: A Transformative Decade of Popular Music and Culture”. He has also been called upon by newspapers and radio programs to give his insights on topics pertaining to the history of rock ‘n’ roll. David and John are also proud to be the special guest rock historians on JohnTalkRadio hosted by fellow rock enthusiast, John Darlington, on BlogTalkRadio. Their past shows can be heard on the “Press” tab of this website.

The show is a non-competitive activity where the audience can be as active as they want or they can be spectators and absorb the fun. Although not yet on TV, audience members typically leave the show praising the dynamic energy of the brothers and the fun atmosphere of a game show and request the show should be on TV.  This is your chance to see it live.

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The Rock 'n' Roll Trivia Show is available as either a non-competitive activity with audience participation or as a competitive activity with contestants. Either way the event is an entertaining 90 minutes full of fun and education.

Watch and hear the Timmons Brothers talk about the origin of their Rock n' Roll Trivia Show. It concludes abruptly beyond our control. 

Insights From Audience Members

Syndicated National Columnist

“If you are sixteen or seventy-six and would like to experience rock and roll at its most interesting and best presented be certain you experience the ‘Timmons Brothers Rock & Roll Trivia Show’. By way of the Jeopardy format they will take you aboard the Yellow Submarine and make hundreds of stops along the way that will thrill, entertain, and load you down with nostalgia. You will enjoy finding questions to the answers of dozens of trivia items and with each question you collect your point, which accumulates, and may be turned in for your prize. Your answers include such famous names as the Beatles, Dylan, Led Zepplin, REO Speedwagon, Grand Funk Railroad, and many, many more. You also may run into Woodstock and some of the concerts that are hidden in the repertoire of the Timmons brothers.

The Timmons background on rock and roll is so vast that they are seldom stumped when fielding questions from the audience but they welcome information that they may add to their enormous bank of knowledge. The interchange with the audience can, at times, become very funny as well as always being informative.

The inclusion of a large array of music from the R & R era simply adds to the enjoyment of the show. By the time you have experienced the trivia quiz and the music that is incorporated in the presentation you have experienced approximately two hours of pure enjoyment.

If you wish to return to those wonderful days of yesteryear you don’t need the Lone Ranger, just look up the Timmons Brothers ‘Traveling’ Rock & Roll Trivia Show and you will be well on your way.”

- Written September 2010

“John and Dave are two of the most personable people I’ve met and really enjoy their music, knowledge of performers, performances and instruments. They have an enormous repertoire from which to draw and have identified more than a few different formats in which to share their knowledge and make it fun, exciting and entertaining for everyone. Anyone can sit through one of their shows in a very passive way or turn it into a many faceted and personalized experience. Any way you choose to experience it you will come away with some great memories and warm feelings of enjoyment. If an opportunity to see them comes your way then grab it!

You’ll enjoy every minute!”

- Written September 2011


Let Freedom Ring an enjoyable day

Dear editor, 

 My wife and I went to Let Freedom Ring event at the village of Mount Sterling. We both had a real good time. 

 The fish sandwich was good.  

We also enjoyed the parade.  

That afternoon we went to the Timmons Brothers’ rock ‘n’ roll trivia show. We have enjoyed their program before. John and Dave always perform a real good show.  

This year my wife, Betty, got a question right.  

I hope they will be back again next year. It was one wonderful day. 

 Ray Palmer 

 Mount Sterling


Blogger's Perspective

The Timmons Brothers: It’s All Rock And Roll To Them

Trivia and rock ‘n’ roll can both be lots of fun and exciting.  Brothers John and David Timmons will definitely not argue here.

Years ago, they started doing a rock ‘n’ roll trivia show together a few times/year. This eventually spawned a website,  podcasts,  and even discussions and debates about cornerstones and historical events in this musical era of rock and roll spanning from the 50s on into the 90s.

John and David endeavor to make rock ‘n’ roll trivia fun and fair for everyone. They want all in attendance to feel the energy,  and have the chance to answer questions and win several musical related prizes.

The trivia is set up into categories,  onto two boards.  The questions get harder as the game goes along. Musical soundbites are also included within many of the questions.  Topics include album covers, rock controversies, famous appearances, and even artist deaths. Many of the questions revolve around rock legends such as Elvis Pressley,  The Beatles, The Rolling Stones,  and Chuck Berry. This year is the 50th anniversary of the Beatles first appearing on the Ed Sullivan show. Appropriately, there is a category discussing the British Invasion during the 60s and how it changed music forever. The Timmons duo does a fine job of blending as many artists, songs and information in under two hours as possible.

I have seen this show evolve with technology and it is exciting and nostalgic.  I am both a fan of trivia and rock ‘n’ roll, so I love this thoroughly.  I also enjoy the random side facts that John and David provide during their show and on their podcasts.  Their love and knowledge for rock shows and is hard to debate.

The show itself has received accolades as they perform venues such as college campuses,  conferences and festivals.  I. 2012, the program was voted one of the “Top Variety/Novelty Events” by the college activities board.  In the summer of 2013, the Columbus Dispatch voted them “One of the Five to Try” events for central Ohio.

Are you interested in attending a rock ‘n’ roll trivia show near you? Check for venues, show dates, and their podcasts.  You will find that these guys know their stuff and enjoy being in the company of others that do.

Rock and roll has been a controversial genre, similar to how hip hop has been the past 30 years. The Timmons truly highlight how important this golden age of music was to our culture and history for so long, and still lives on. I guess Danny and the Juniors were correct when they sang “Rock And Roll Is Here To Stay.”

You can thank the Timmons brothers for keeping it alive in myself and in thousands of others that have come out for their shows,  from Ohio to South Carolina and beyond.

That being said, rock on John and David!

(The following review was originally a “Letter to the Editor” from the Madison Press of July 11, 2014.)