After Beatlemania

After Beatlemania (1966-1968)

In this presentation, the era from late 1966 (after the last live concert) to early 1968 (the creation of their own Apple label and industries) is examined when The Beatles focused their creative energies on their music. The result was a period where The Beatles would push forward into unabashedly psychedelic territory with use of orchestral arrangements that provided innovative music with the release of the albums Revolver, Magical Mystery Tour and Sgt. Pepper (the album recognized by critics and publications as one of the most influential albums in the history of rock music). With the success of The Beatles Rock Guitar Hero and the charting of re-mastered CDs of Beatle albums, the unabated appeal and fascination of The Beatles continues to exert worldwide. This program provides insight into another era of the world’s most popular and commercially successful group.

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