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Check “About Us” to learn more about the background of the Timmons Brothers, their involvement in rock n roll, and interest in rock history.Welcome to our site. The Timmons Brothers (David and John) provide a series of rock shows including presentations on rock artists, eras, and “Rock N Roll Trivia Shows.” The Timmons Brothers have presented at diverse venues including university conferences, Chamber of Commerce conventions, city festivals, and college campuses. Please enjoy the site and learn more about the shows the Timmons Brothers present. Be sure to check back for updates.

Timmons Brothers Next Radio Show


Timmons Brothers - “The Kinks: An Influential, Powerful, and Provocative Legacy That Transcended the British Invasion”

Air date: Saturday, June 23, 2018 at 6pm

The Timmons Brothers are back on John Talk Radio .

A British Invasion band that was quintessentially British was an anomaly in the 1960s, but The Kinks embraced their “Englishness”, by singing with their English accent about every day English life topics. Unlike many of their British contemporaries, The Kinks initially found commercial success with hard-driving rock numbers (such as “You Really Got Me” and “All Day and All of the Night”) to the point that music writers and other musicians have acknowledged the influence of the Kinks on the development of hard rock and heavy metal.  Queen guitarist Brian May credited the band with planting “the seed which grew into riff-based music.” The competitive, and not always harmonious nature of the Davies brothers, (Ray and Dave) created a complementary style of Dave’s “visceral and bam-from-the- gut” guitar style to Ray’s ability to write lyrics with a biting social commentary filled with cynical wit and intelligent satire that went beyond the boy-girl lyrics. Inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1990 and the UK Music Hall of Fame in 2005, the Timmons Brothers will reveal why the Kinks may be the epitome of a paradox for being one of the most influential rock bands ever, but also one of the most underrated bands.

Click here to listen to the show broadcast.

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Want to take part in the show? Call in at (877) 694-5613 to speak with the host, John Darlington.

If you cannot hear the show live, it will be available for your convenience on this same website ( whenever you wish. Just click on our “Press” page and scroll down to find the latest show under our “Blog Talk Radio” section.


Timmons Brothers Exciting 2018 News

As John and David bring their Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show to different venues for the summer/fall of 2017, a weekly radio show could be looming in the future. Please see this  video in the link of their appearance in the studio of WCHO – 1250 AM Oldies Radio with host Harry Wright for a hint of things to come. The video is about ten minutes in length. Also, a second show is being aired for local cable access TV in the Washington Court House, Ohio area:


Return Engagement to Ohio Saturday, June 30 for Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia

The Timmons Brothers Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show returns to Ohio to debut an all new show in Mount Sterling  coming Saturday, June 30, 2018  at 2 pm at the Mount Sterling, Ohio Community Center as part of the City Festival. Admission is free and prizes will be provided by multi sponsors including the Mount Sterling Public Library.


Timmons Brothers Return Live to ReadyFM Saturday, June 23– Noon

The Timmons Brothers (David and John) join the Independent Showcase live hosted by John Darlington to discuss the 10th anniversary of their  Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show. The Timmons Brothers (David and John) were the guest on the Independent Showcase hosted by John Darlington and they discussed highlights of past shows they have done with JTR radio since 2009. This show aired originally on June 24, 2017 on the radio station (WCYC-LP FM 105.1 ) in London, Ohio . Classic rock songs from  previous shows were played and they revisited some past topics of interest from JohnTalkRadio shows.

Click here to access the podcast from the June 24 show on!


Palmetto Mornings: Timmons Brothers Guest Appearance

Click here to check out their September 30, 2016 appearance on WRHI radio!


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Timmons Brothers on Meerkat

 David and John continue to venture into the world of Meerkat Live Streaming Video. In case you are not familiar with Meerkat, here is a quick synopsis of it. Everything that happens on meerkat happens on Twitter. Streams will be pushed to followers in real time via push notifications. Everything is live, no reruns. In a 75 minute appearance earlier this year they discussed at length The Beatles album (better known as the White Album). They wish to thank over 80 viewers who watched their show about rock ‘n’ roll. The topic for the evening focused on the music of the White Album and similarities with less expected artists including several Grateful Dead songs. It was their third run on Meerkat and the Timmons Brothers plan to return for a new show in July. Watch for details on the site here.    

Book the Timmons Brothers in 2018

The Timmons Brothers Rock Shows can come to your event. Book them for the Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Shows or presentations (such as Protest and Psychedelic Music: A Reflection of the Times (1967-1972) and “The Split of Rock/Pop AM/FM Radio – 1968-1973″ . They may be booked for college campuses, city festivals, conferences, high school reunions and other events where people wish to share in an experience of memories and making new memories. They will meet your needs. For example, they will tailor the show to the audience and years from the 1950s to the 1990s. Please visit the “Contact Us” page on our website to learn more about booking an event.


Timmons Brothers in the News Updates

With 2014 marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in the U.S.A., the Timmons Brothers have been giving their thoughts on the occasion. Below, John was included in an article in a South Carolina newspaper that landed on the front page of the Sunday edition. 

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David is currently serving his sixth  year on city council as he was re-elected in 2015. His research interests are currently focusing on Aerosmith and Mott the Hoople about band’s segue from glamour rock to classic rock. This could lead to a presentation. John has been conducting research on One Hit Artists and Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers with a possibility of new live presentations. He is also serving as a consultant for a graduate study on the live concert experience for the fans in the audience and the performers on stage. More details to come.

John will be teaching an Honors Symposium on the 1960s Popular Music and Culture for the spring 2018 term. This will be the second time he has offered the course targeted as an Arts and Humanities requirement in an Honor’s Program. In the class, a range of topics from folk music to surf music to the British Invasion to garage rock to Motown the Summer of Love and Woodstock will be explored. Of course, a huge dose of The Beatles will also be included as a follow-up to the Honors Symposium he taught in 2016.

The Timmons Brothers were also the special guests on Fayette Focus, as they discussed their debut presentation, “Hollywood and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Through the Lens of Cinema”. Fayette Focus can be heard by accessing anywhere and anytime via podcast.


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Here is this excellent article from the Madison Press of July 11 and The Tribune of July 9 (the picture and full text of the article are reproduced below):

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The Timmons Brothers, John, left, and Dave, right,  like that they got a correct answer during their “Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show” at the Mt. Sterling Community Center during the village’s Fourth of July celebration, “Let Freedom Ring,” on Saturday, June 29.

Timmons Brothers Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show Voted as a ‘Top Five Event to Try’ for Second Time

Our June 2015 show in the Let Freedom Ring festival in Ohio was selected in the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio in the “Weekender” of Thursday, June 25 for one of the top five things to do over the weekend. Here on the attachment below is a scan from the newspaper. Our show is called “Trivia Hop” and the blurb promotes our website. This is the second time the Timmons Brothers have received this distinction as they were also a “Five to Try” in 2013 when Kenny Chesney was the top on the cover of the “Weekender” and we were one of the “hidden gems”. It is quite a thrill to receive such recognition a second time and reach so many new people to see one of our shows for the first time.

The Timmons Brothers (who in the past have been voted one of the “Top Variety/Novelty Events” for the year by a college activities board) were voted for the second time in three years as “One of the Five to Try” events for central Ohio by the Columbus Dispatch on a holiday weekend. When David Timmons was asked about the 2013 shows, he commented, “We had as much fun as the audience and they left with smiles.” In reference to the summer 2015 shows, John Timmons stated, “It is an honor to be a hidden gem and see the look of people in the audience being truly entertained when they ‘discover’ us.”

The Timmons Brothers appeared on WCHO 1250 AM Cool Oldies radio and the Fayette Focus program of June 14. A special thanks to Harry Wright of WCHO for his support and bringing our show to cable TV audiences.

Here is the link to WCHO 1250AM Cool Oldies and the Fayette Focus program of June 14. The topic is the Rock ‘n’ Roll trivia Show.  It is about 12 minutes 12 seconds in length.


Check the “Shows” page for a list of presentations (topics and eras) and the “Rock N Roll Trivia Show.”


Timmons Brothers are rock ‘n’ rollers


For The Tribune

The categories flashed up on the screen Jeopardy-style.

You could sense that the crowd was just itching their heads to get going.

The Timmons Brothers were ready to rock, not that they would shake the Mt. Sterling Community Center’s gym to its foundations. Rather they would attempt to shake, rattle, and roll the recall capabilities of the 65 folks-plus who had come to be either challenged or entertained with the Timmons’ “Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show,” sponsored by the Mt. Sterling Public Library. It was part of Mt. Sterling’s Fourth of July Celebration, “Let Freedom Ring,” Saturday afternoon, June 29.

John Timmons, sporting a Paul Revere and the Raiders T-shirt, opened the show with one proviso: this is a non-competitive way to have fun and test your knowledge of rock ‘n’ roll. Dave, wearing a Led Zeppelin T-shirt, added to the fun with asides and perfectly timed quips. Before the show was over, Dave, who was sort of energy unleashed in a remote James Brown kind of way, had to change into an Abbey Road T-shirt.

And test the audience they would with 10 categories that ranged from “Finish the Lyrics” to “Debut Albums” to “Rock and Movies” to “Rock Action on TV” to “Credit to Classical Music” followed by audio stumpers from the ’50s to the ’90s. Along the way, they would toss in tasty tidbits of background on a tune, the artist, or a related event.

Both John and Dave share an incredible knowledge of the music that spans more than 50 years of the greatest hits, the one-hit wonders, the artists, the groups, the movies, the events and the little known or almost forgotten singles and albums that somewhere and somehow strike a fond memory chord.

I squirmed in my seat wondering just how much or how little I could remember. Truth be told, I had earlier that day (either in preparation or desperation) paged through a couple of the rock ‘n’ roll books I have in my home library to refresh my memory.

Who was I kidding? John and Dave are master rock historians as evidenced by their trivia shows and more serious theme presentations. I have attended a couple of those venues, and had come away “Marveletting” at what I had seen and learned. (For those of you keeping score at home, that’s a mild reference to one of the great Motown girl groups, The Marvelettes.)

The last Saturday in June was no exception.

The audience was a good cross-section of music tastes as well as age. On one side, a trio of young lovelies seemed to have the 1990s locked down tight. Toward the back, there was a Led Zeppelin contingent. Off to the left, one lady knew a lot of the late ’50s and ’60s. Sprinkled around were pockets of specific knowledge when it came to completing lyrics or identifying movie music. Me, I was somewhat confident in the fourth row about the ’60s and early ’70s.

With the Jeopardy-like board staring down at us, John got the show in gear.

I thought I was “Alive and Kicking” (score one for that group from the ’70s) when, the moment I heard the intro to a Bobby Rydell hit, my arm shot up and I nailed “Forget Him.” A little later, my recall jelled again with “Get Ready” by the Temptations, but came up short when John asked me, “Do you know who wrote it?” Slightly embarrassed but smiling, I took a bye and that lady sitting off to the left confidently shouted out, “Smokey Robinson.” I scored one more time with my answer to “Who did the theme song to ‘Where the Action Is?’” I proudly belted out, “Freddy ‘Boom Boom’ Cannon.”

A telling moment occurred when John and Dave (not to be confused with the soul duo Sam and Dave) revved up 33 1/3 imaginations with some Beethoven. No one in the house could make the connection between Ludwig and Emerson, Lake, and Palmer’s opening segment to their “Fifth of Beethoven” cut.

They also made the connection between the Toys’ hit “Lover’s Concerto” and “Minuet in G Major” by Christian Petzold but often credited to Johann Sebastian Bach.

Another moment came during the “Rock Action on TV” category when the question dealt with music producer Don Krishner, known for his weekly “Don Krishner’s Rock Concert” which aired on NBC. There was another TV show before the “Rock Concert.”

This one stumped everyone. John revealed the answer: “In Concert” which aired on ABC. When you think about it, those two Kirshner-produced shows and others like “The Midnight Special” were forerunners of MTV and the music video craze.

It was simply fun to rediscover that the Monkees had made a movie, called “Head,” and that the Beach Boys had that blockbuster album titled “Endless Summer” (which was on the Billboard charts for 155 weeks).

The Led Zeppelin contingent took off with its knowledge of the Zeppelin, and those three gals to the right often put their heads together to trump everyone else when it came to tunes from the ’90s.

But it seemed a good number of the audience (which reached as many as 100 folks) recognized The Band’s “Up on Cripple Creek” from the ’70s.

“Complete the Lyrics” was another category that brought out the best in recall from all around the audience.

Dave said later that he and John were a bit surprised that the audience struggled a bit with that one. In fact, that lady on the left was the only person to recognize the lyrics to Stevie Wonder’s “I Just Called to Say I Love You.”

Apparently, lyrics seem different when you see them versus when you sing them.

What pleasantly surprised this Philadelphia-born boy was the Ohio origin of some of the bands.

For instance, the Raspberries were from Cleveland; Bo Donaldson and the Heywoods (I got that one, too) were from Cincinnati; and the Ohio Players were from Dayton.

For those two hours on Saturday, the Timmons Brothers proved again and again that they have this knack for rock music archaeology by unearthing, replaying and rekindling songs and feelings from that great era in American music.

As a Philadelphia disc jockey once blabbed, “Keep on rockin’, ’cause you only rock once.”

It could very well be John and Dave’s mantra.


The Timmons Brothers both think this article captures the ambience and atmosphere of one of their “Rock n Roll Trivia Shows” in a creative and humorous, which signifies the core of the show – informative yet entertaining.  We certainly want to acknowledge the writer of the article (Fran Odyniec -former editor of The Madison Press).




Past Internet Radio Shows with the Timmons Brothers

Interested in hearing the Timmons Brothers discuss various topics about the history of rock ‘n’ roll and its industry and culture? Full shows of their appearances on JohnTalkRadio, found on BlogTalkRadio, with host John Darlington are available on this web site by clicking on the “Press” tab, where you will find each show with the topic name, brief description and original air date. Choose a topic and click on the arrow inside the box for the topic you wish to hear. It takes a few seconds to buffer, then the show you chose begins. Enjoy!



The Timmons Brothers and a TV Show?!

The Timmons Brothers have been contacted by a casting producer in Los Angeles about a possible new TV program being created about people who are passionate about some aspect of popular culture. John and David have been contacted for their knowledge of rock ‘n’ roll and classic rock. So far, we have been casted over the phone and in a skype interview. Stay tuned. We will keep you posted.

Featured Show

Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Trivia Show

Music has a distinct way of evoking memories likes no other media. Popular rock and top 40 songs from an era elicit thoughts of places you visited or lived in addition to people, events and special moments. This game provides a great way to reminisce with friends and break the ice with acquaintances at settings as diverse as business conferences, class reunions, university campuses (especially family and home coming weekends) and community festivals. Baby boomers, Generation X and Millenials all enjoy the game to remember “their era” while learning more about “other eras”. Along with the memories, the Timmons Brothers balance their knowledge of rock ‘n roll with humor to make it an entertaining and fun event for all.

There are two games available with variations of each game, which are non-competitive and competitive.

The non-competitive
event is designed for social interaction where each question is open to anyone in the audience who volunteers to answer. There is not any official scorekeeping and people play for fun, which provides a friendly environment conducive to conversation, reliving nostalgic moments and giving everyone in the audience an opportunity to participate. It is our policy that audience members may participate only if they volunteer to answer a question as the game is set up to only call on audience members when they raise their hand and indicate they wish to be acknowledged to give a response. However, in both games (non-competitive and competitive) audience members find the game amusing to hear old songs and reflect on the memories whether they only watch or become involved in the game.

The competitive
game is designed for individuals or teams and utilizes a buzzer lock-out system in order to be acknowledged to provide a response to a question. In this game, scoring records are maintained and the individuals or teams compete for prizes provided by the discretion of the host. The competitive edition involves fewer participants to actively play the play, but the participating individuals or teams can be quite entertaining for the viewing audience members.

Both games utilize a computer program of two boards with five topics from rock ‘n’ roll and popular music on each board that span the decades from the 1950s through the 1980s. Inside each topical column are five questions, which are considered more difficult from the top of the column until the bottom of the column. Every other question is alternated with an audio stumper where the participant may choose a decade from the choice of the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s. A brief segment of a popular song is played from the decade requested and the participant may be asked to name the artist, song title or both. When a participant responds to a question or audio stumper correctly, they may choose the next question from the board or the decade for an audio stumper depending if they answered a question from the board or an audio stumper. (By request, a new edition is available which includes questions and songs from the 1990s in addition to the other four decades).

If requested, only in the non-competitive edition, the Timmons Brothers will provide old records as prizes to be fun and funny and given out randomly for answering arbitrarily chosen questions. The host needs to provide a LCD projector, a screen and multiple electrical outlets.

© Timmons Brothers