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Rock ‘n’ Roll Music Trivia Show

Music has a distinct way of evoking memories likes no other media. Popular rock and top 40 songs from an era elicit thoughts of places you visited or lived in addition to people, events and special moments. This game provides a great way to reminisce with friends and break the ice with acquaintances at settings as diverse as business conferences, class reunions, university campuses (especially family and home coming weekends) and community festivals. Baby boomers, Generation X and Millenials all enjoy the game to remember “their era” while learning more about “other eras”. Along with the memories, the Timmons Brothers balance their knowledge of rock ‘n roll with humor to make it an entertaining and fun event for all.

There are two games available with variations of each game, which are non-competitive and competitive.

The non-competitive
event is designed for social interaction where each question is open to anyone in the audience who volunteers to answer. There is not any official scorekeeping and people play for fun, which provides a friendly environment conducive to conversation, reliving nostalgic moments and giving everyone in the audience an opportunity to participate. It is our policy that audience members may participate only if they volunteer to answer a question as the game is set up to only call on audience members when they raise their hand and indicate they wish to be acknowledged to give a response. However, in both games (non-competitive and competitive) audience members find the game amusing to hear old songs and reflect on the memories whether they only watch or become involved in the game.

The competitive
game is designed for individuals or teams and utilizes a buzzer lock-out system in order to be acknowledged to provide a response to a question. In this game, scoring records are maintained and the individuals or teams compete for prizes provided by the discretion of the host. The competitive edition involves fewer participants to actively play the play, but the participating individuals or teams can be quite entertaining for the viewing audience members.

Both games utilize a computer program of two boards with five topics from rock ‘n’ roll and popular music on each board that span the decades from the 1950s through the 1980s. Inside each topical column are five questions, which are considered more difficult from the top of the column until the bottom of the column. Every other question is alternated with an audio stumper where the participant may choose a decade from the choice of the 1950s, the 1960s, the 1970s and the 1980s. A brief segment of a popular song is played from the decade requested and the participant may be asked to name the artist, song title or both. When a participant responds to a question or audio stumper correctly, they may choose the next question from the board or the decade for an audio stumper depending if they answered a question from the board or an audio stumper. (By request, a new edition is available which includes questions and songs from the 1990s in addition to the other four decades).

If requested, only in the non-competitive edition, the Timmons Brothers will provide old records as prizes to be fun and funny and given out randomly for answering arbitrarily chosen questions. The host needs to provide a LCD projector, a screen and multiple electrical outlets.

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