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Check “About Us” to learn more about the background of the Timmons Brothers, their involvement in rock n roll, and interest in rock history.Welcome to our site. The Timmons Brothers (David and John) provide a series of rock shows including presentations on rock artists, eras, and “Rock N Roll Trivia Shows.” The Timmons Brothers have presented at diverse venues including university conferences, Chamber of Commerce conventions, city festivals, and college campuses. Please enjoy the site and learn more about the shows the Timmons Brothers present. Be sure to check back for updates.


Timmons Brothers Next Radio Show

Timmons Brothers - “The Roots and Branches of the Rock ‘n’ Roll Family Tree”

Air date: Saturday, February 22, 2014 at 6:00 pm

The roots of rock ‘n’ roll originate in multiple genres of music, but on a more narrow sense, rock artists can be the root of their own rock ‘n’ roll family tree. With the focus on two artists (Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young and the career of Paul Rodgers) the Timmons Brothers trace the roots of each and the number of artists/bands from their family tree of rock ‘n’ roll. In part 1 of a series, you may be surprised how far their ripple effect extends.

Click here to listen to the show broadcast. Please note this link may take you to a promotion. If this is the case, please press the “back” button on your browser. This will allow you, the awesome listener, the ability to access the show!

Want to take part in the show? Call in at (877) 694-5613 to speak with the host, John Darlington.

If you cannot hear the show live, it will be available for your convenience on this same website ( whenever you wish. Just click on our “Press” page and scroll down to find the latest show under our “Blog Talk Radio” section.


Timmons Brothers in the News Updates

With 2014 marking the 50th anniversary of the Beatles arrival in the U.S.A., the Timmons Brothers have been giving their thoughts on the occasion. Below, John was included in an article in a South Carolina newspaper that landed on the front page of the Sunday edition. Click here to read the article.

David is currently serving his second year on city council and continuing his research on the origin and the early years of Led Zeppelin. John will be serving on a panel at a University campus in the upcoming fall season. The topic will be “Americans and their British Obsessions.” He will be discussing the success of British rock’n’roll in the United States. More details to come. He just completed teaching an Honors Symposium on the 1960s Popular Music and Culture for the fall term. In the class, a range of topics from folk music to surf music to the British Invasion to the Summer of Love and Woodstock were explored. Of course, a huge dose of The Beatles was also included.

The Timmons Brothers were also the special guests on Fayette Focus, as they discussed their debut presentation, “Hollywood and Rock ‘n’ Roll: Through the Lens of Cinema”. Fayette Focus can be heard by accessing anywhere and anytime via podcast.

Recently, our show was selected in the Columbus Dispatch in Ohio in the “Weekender” of Thursday, June 27 for one of the top five things to do over the weekend. Here on the attachment below is a scan from the newspaper. Kenny Chesney was the top on the cover, but we were one of the “hidden gems”. It is quite a thrill to receive such recognition and reach so many new people to see one of our shows for the first time.

Here is this excellent article from the Madison Press of July 11 and The Tribune of July 9.  The Timmons Brothers both think this article captures the ambience and atmosphere of one of their “Rock n Roll Trivia Shows” in a creative and humorous, which signifies the core of the show – informative yet entertaining.  We certainly want to acknowledge the writer of the article (Fran Odyniec -former editor of The Madison Press).



Timmons Brothers Rock ‘n’ Roll Trivia Show Voted as a ‘Top Five Event to Try’

The Timmons Brothers (who in the past have been voted one of the “Top Variety/Novelty Events” for the year by a college activities board) were voted as “One of the Five to Try” events for central Ohio by the Columbus Dispatch on a holiday weekend in 2013. When David Timmons was asked about the 2013 shows, he commented, “We had as much fun as the audience and they left with smiles.”

The Timmons Brothers appeared on WCHO 1250 AM Cool Oldies radio and the Fayette Focus program of June 14.

Here is the link to WCHO 1250AM Cool Oldies and the Fayette Focus program of June 14. The topic is the Rock ‘n’ Roll trivia Show.  It is about 12 minutes 12 seconds in length.


Check the “Shows” page for a list of presentations (topics and eras) and the “Rock N Roll Trivia Show.”


Past Internet Radio Shows with the Timmons Brothers

Interested in hearing the Timmons Brothers discuss various topics about the history of rock ‘n’ roll and its industry and culture? Full shows of their appearances on JohnTalkRadio, found on BlogTalkRadio, with host John Darlington are available on this web site by clicking on the “Press” tab, where you will find each show with the topic name, brief description and original air date. Choose a topic and click on the arrow inside the box for the topic you wish to hear. It takes a few seconds to buffer, then the show you chose begins. Enjoy!



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